Monday, July 16, 2012

"Handcuff Hafgana" Against IDF Draft

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews protested Monday July 16 2012 in Jerusalem against attempts to draft members of the cloistered community into the Israeli military. The government is trying to find a formula to obligate ultra-Orthodox Jews to serve in the military before a court-determined Aug. 1 deadline. The current law largely exempts the community from military service. That infuriates many Israelis, since almost all others are required to serve. Israel’s Supreme Court ruled the law must be revised.

In the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, children wearing handcuffs and signs reading “save me” marched the streets Monday. The ultra-Orthodox fear assimilation in the secular military and claim they are serving the state by serving God in prayer and study.


susen said...

I think it is illegal to take kids out of school and bring them to a demonstration. Why dont they bring some real men? I think a lot of charedi guys would like the army. Young men, 18-20 years old like the physical activity. They might be glad to get out of sitting in the beis midrash for long hours.

L. Y. G. said...

for all those who don't already know this:
it is so important to the holy one, blessed be he, that they are the only healthy ones exempt from building the bais hamikdash. DO THE PEOPLE WHO ORGANIZED THIS THINK THAT THIS CAUSE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN BUILDING THE BAIS HAMIKDASH???

Anonymous said...

Guys, I'm pretty sure that this protest took place in the evening, not during school time.

Don't jump to conclusions!!