Monday, June 25, 2012

MBD Sings For Dovid Hill A"H

Mordechai Ben David sings Ad Mosai at the hospital bed of a fourteen year old Israeli boy Dovid Hill A"H.  Dovid Hill passed away Friday afternoon June 25, 2012, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in Manhattan after a five year battle with cancer.  Dovid and his parents had come from Jerusalem several times over the past few years and, most recently, the entire Hill family was relocated to New York to help facilitate treatments with the help of Chai Lifeline, who assisted in sponsoring the cost of airfare.

Dovid’s face and his melodious voice became familiar to many this past winter after several Video clips captured him singing songs at the Bein Ish U’Bein Achiv Melava Malkah- an organization to countless seriously ill patients and their families - this past January, one of which was his original composition. Click Here for more info


mosh said...

People should learn mishneiyos L'Eily Nishmus

Anonymous said...

oh bashefer how much longer !