Saturday, May 12, 2012

The People's Court Judge Yells at Jewish Lawyer

Judge Marilyn Milian of the The People's Court TV show, rebukes a Jewish lawyer as only she can do with her nasty attitude.


Anonymous said...

She's 100 Percent Right, he has to whach his language Cause he's a jew

Anonymous said...

Give me a break, Judge Millian lectured him because he was disrespectful to both his "client". and then the court. This has and should have nothing to do with being Jewish! If you watch the entire broadcast you will see she had to tell him to be quiet a couple of times and he was condescending to his client several times using poor choice of words and calling him names. These are not things you'd expect from ANY person MUCH LESS a lawyer! Because of the last bit of exchanges and his lowering himself again to beneath the level of court decorum Judge M opted to reprimand and if you will note when asked by her what he thinks the bar assns. for the states he is a member would think he catches himself when he starts to say "nothing because the people's court is not even real court"!!! I beg to differ people's court and for that matter any civil court IS REAL court and the JUDGEMENTS are real judgements as well. In his case the judgement of his arrogance and feeling of superiority were dead on!

Eric Snow said...

I was just watching TV today and Judge Marilyn Milan was rightly bashing a landlord on TV. She made a poor decision with word choice. The landlord did not have a permit from the city to rent, to which she claimed she didn't know she needed. The Judge derided her saying, "You can't not get the permit, just because you want to save a few shekels." This was a bit offensive. I don't know if the defendant was Jewish or not.