Monday, April 02, 2012

Truck Rescue Ends In Cliff Plunge

A tow-truck driver in Norway narrowly misses being dragged over a cliff when the lorry he is towing begins to slide.

The driver was towing a broken down lorry and trailer along a snow covered hillside in northern Norway when the lorry began to slide toward a barrier separating the road from a steep drop. As the heavy trailer and cab pressed on the barrier it began to give way and the lorry tumbled down the side of the hill with its driver still trapped inside. The tow truck driver managed to jump from his cab seconds before his vehicle was also dragged down. The lorry driver is in hospital after suffering several broken bones while the tow truck driver escaped unharmed.


Anonymous said...

Video is a fake. Look closely at approximately 0:45 and you will see the tow truck changes colors from orange to green and then back to orange again.

commentator said...

Color changing doesn't indicate its false. In addition, the rest of the video sounds real.