Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Siyum by Eli Schonbrun Z"L in Waterbury September 2011

Heart-wrenching footage of Habachur Eli Schonbrun Z"L, at his Siyum on Mesechtes Sukka in September of 2011, just weeks before he was Niftar. Eli was one of the two Bochurim of the Waterbury Yeshiva who were killed in a tragic car accident R"L in November of 2011. Siyumim in Waterbury almost always take place the last couple of weeks of the summer Zman, but Eli "Shtaigd" so much over this past summer sumer, that he made a Siyum the very 1st week of Ellul Zman. The siyum took place in the Waterbury Mesivta Bais Medrash, which recently dedicated a new "Aron Kodesh" in memory of Eli Schonbrun and Dani King.

Singing and dancing after the Siyum.

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