Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Chinese Toddler Rescued With An iPhone

This incredible footage was recorded as firefighters in China used an iPhone camera to seek out a two-year-old boy who had fallen down a well.

The child plunged into the 40ft shaft while playing with friends outside a small village near Mengzi City, in Yunnan Province. Villagers raised the alarm after they heard him crying, tossing down a rope to which he clung for about an hour as they waited for the emergency services to arrive. A rescue worker on the scene said the concrete well's water level was more than 20ft below ground. When the fire service arrived they struggled to pull the trapped toddler out of the narrow hole. Emergency workers fed in a hose attached to an oxygen canister to keep the boy from suffocating, along with a line to hoist him up. But as they had only harnesses designed for adults, the terrified child kept slipping from their grip.

Then, in a stroke of genius, the rescue team taped an Apple smartphone to a rope, lowering it into the narrow shaft so its video function could show them how best to loop the straps around the boy.

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