Sunday, March 04, 2012

Yaldei Video Presentation - An Unforseen Yeshuah

A video presented at the Yaldei dinner of 2012  "An Unforseen Yeshuah."

A story about Yossi, a father of a household with several children, who was having a very difficult time with one of his children, Aron. Aron was misbehaving in every single way possible, ruining not only his personal life but also causing terrible anxiety to the whole family. Not knowing who to turn to, Yossi's friend Yanky gives him a great idea to turn to Yaldei for help. From that day on his life changed to the good as Yaldei provided all the necessary means to put his precious little Aron back on the right track. This brought back his family life to prosperity and peace once again.

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