Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Pre-Purim 5772 Video Collection

"I'll Take Another Shot" (Waving Flag Parody) Purim 2012

 Purim video detailing the main story of Purim, by Aish Manchester.

Chabad of Brentwood, CA, rewrote the lyrics to "If I were a rich Man," for thier "Purim in the Shtetl" 5772, and gave it a more chassidic friendly feel.

Stuff Yeshivish People Say At Shiva

Rabbis on the Roof

Harry Potter comes to Yeshiva University.

Wild West Purim Promo at Chabad of Liverpool Universities

 Chabad of Skokie goes shopping for Purim.

Behind the scenes of Shock Kosher candy video.

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