Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Inspiration of Aliza Schwab A"H

A family is sharing their strength and sorrow after their 8-year-old daughter passed away Thursday. Aliza Schwab, then 4-year-old girl had nearly drowned in her family’s pool in Augest 2007. Aliza was rushed to the hospital and doctors gave her little chance of surviving.

 Aliza was kept alive with the help of machines, and her devout Jewish family made an emotional plea to the media that as long as her heart is beating, they should be allowed to take her home. “I have no words to describe it. It’s just happiness, you know,” said Esther Schwab on October 2008.

For the next four and a half years, Aliza lived in a makeshift hospital room in her North Miami Beach home, hooked up to machines. Her parents, with the help of nurses, worked with Aliza everyday.

Thursday morning, Aliza passed away at her home peacefully at the age of 8.

Her mother says the last four and a half years were some of the happiest moments of her life. “I wouldn’t change anything for the world. The extra four and a half years I got with her, there aren’t enough words to describe it,” said Schwab. “There were many miracles over the four and a half years, and she had her ups and downs, but every second of every day was a treasure.”

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