Friday, March 09, 2012

Google Takes Peres On Tour

Google hosted President Shimon Peres at its headquarters, several hours before he concluded his visit to California’s Silicon Valley on Wednesday. Google co-founder Sergey Brin took Peres on a special tour of the company’s headquarters. At the start of the tour, Brin arranged a surprise for the president - a virtual journey back to his childhood in Poland via five giant screens, starting with his birthplace Vishneva, now in Belarus.

Moved by the images, Peres requested to surf to the city where his parents were born, Volozhin, and and to show him their family house and synagogue. Continuing their voyage, Brin took Peres on a virtual trip to the moon, where they viewed a model of spacecraft Apollo 11, and from there they made a stop in Mars. At the president’s request, they then traveled to Israel where Peres showed Brin Kibbitz Alummot, which he founded in youth, as well as the president’s residence, the Western Wall and other important sites.

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