Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kiddush Hashem as High School Wont Play on Shabbos

HOUSTON - The Robert M. Beren Academies Varsity Basketball team has advanced to the state finals but given game time and their religious beliefs, they're forced to call a time-out. 'Team Star' was originally scheduled to play Friday Evening during the Jewish Sabbath. As Rabbi Harry Sinoff put it, "When personal excellence clashes with sacred mission, sacred mission always trumps it."

Sinoff asked the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools to reschedule the playoff times, but TAPPS denied the request, saying they had previously advised all school administrators of possible Friday night games beforehand. Isaac Buchine, a senior on the team, called it disappointing and said, "it hurts a little bit." Especially since the players have worked so hard after earning the regional championship. "It's definitely not one thing that makes us good; it's a combination of many things," said Isaac Mirwis, also a senior. Coach Chris Coal agreed. They've had great energy and determination to get this far but admits this was always a possibility and the bottom line is religion does takes precedence over a game of basketball.

Here is a video of the team playing a basketball game last year in March. Beren Academy vs. Conroe Covenant.


Anonymous said...

let the kids go to a bank and say its a kiddush hashem because they didn't robbed it please !

Anonymous said...

C'mon ! You are pathetic!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon, you are pathetic!!!!