Monday, February 06, 2012

Emotional Music Video for Erloi Rebbe

Beautiful and emotional music video by the erlio Chasidim for the Erloi Rebbe. Featuring Michoel Schnitzler accompanied by a child soloist Yanky Stern.

Erlau (Hebrew: ערלוי‎), is a dynasty of Hungarian origin, which follows the teachings of the Chasam Sofer. The Erlau community was established by Rabbi Yochanan Sofer in Jerusalem, Israel, after World War II to continue the legacy of his grandfather, Rabbi Shimon Sofer, who was Chief Rabbi of Erlau and rosh yeshiva of the Yeshivas Chasam Sofer there.


Anonymous said...

wow its so emotional and nice, thanks for posting, makes me cry, i also see now on that youtube channel a video of viznitz with child soloist, amazing, post it also link:

mosh said...

anybody knows who made this video ?

Anonymous said...