Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bar-Mitzvah Boy's Invitation Music Video

Bar-Mitzvah boy Yonatan Farhi's invitation.

All vocals and instruments by Yonatan Farhi. Filmed by Doron Farhi. Video editing by Dafi Farbman. 


Anonymous said...

at least put on a kippa!

Anonymous said...

yeh this is one of those things that are a chillul hashem - im all for bringing somebody closer to yiddishkeit but making a bar mitzvah event out to be like some kind of a non spiritual rock party is just wrong!

Anonymous said...

Nice song! Nice singing!

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Very creative - nice idea, great execution!

Anonymous said...

who cares anyway about chillul hashem blah blah blah!

Chaim said...

to the first two anons: stop Judging please.

"Al Todin Es Chaveircha"

The kid is celebrating his bar mitzvah with what he enjoys most, and he's pretty good at it to.

good job kid. keep the good times roiling.

SlipOn said...

thank you