Friday, February 10, 2012

Avraham Freid at Kumzitz for Mekimi

Avraham Freid singing at a Kumzitz in Flatbush for Mekimi.Yossi Eidlisz on the Keyboard.

Singing Abie Rotenberg's Acheinu.

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Clip of Avremel singing Dov Shurun's Zachreini Na.


Anonymous said...

good job avraham you not leting up !

Anonymous said...

hi israevents whoever they are, filed copyrights on my fried video which was privately recorded! there is something wrong they seem to be filing dmca take downs on any fried footage even if it has nothing to do with them.
this is wrong, and filing a false dmca is actually illegal!
i countered mine in the appeal section and my vintage fried song on channel is back up. i urge the uploader of this video to do the same, as i strongly sugest that this video (which i havent even watched as it comes up as taken down by israevents), is a false copyright claim by an over zelous automated system

Anonymous said...

It is beyond ridiculous...... and makes Fried look bad.