Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reporters Dress as Chareidim to Investigate Treatment

The charedi media has been full of reports recently of attacks by seculars on charedim, along with general worsening treatment of charedim by the secular. Charedi MKs have made such statements in the Knesset. Charedi media have established hotlines where people could report incidents.

Two secular journalists, Ravib Druker and Miki Rosental, dressed up as charedim, and took a charedi fellow as a consultant of how to behave and dress so they would not be spotted. They planned to walk through a secular area as charedim and see how they would be treated. They tried to rent a house, join a gym, ride local bus lines and tracked how people would react and treat them.

Obviously this is not a scientific study, but it is interesting. Watch and see the results of their experience (in Hebrew).

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