Sunday, January 08, 2012

Avraham Freid sings at Hatzalah Event

Hundreds gathered at Oholei Torah Motzei Shabbos January 07 2012, for Hatzalah's annual event and raffle. Participants enjoyed a hot buffet, sushi bar and wine tasting.  The MC for the evening was Hatzalah Coordinatior Yossi Friedman, and speakers included Pamela S. Brier, Lorren Harris MD and Danielle Laraque MD, of Maimonides Medical Center, as well as community doctors Dr. Eli Rosen and Dr. Robert Feldman.  Singers Avraham Fried and Yoni Zigelboum performed, accompanied by Benshimon.  The annual raffle supports the Hatzalah organization of Crown Heights.

This video was posted first, before we added the video above.

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