Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Menorah Not Welcome At Colorado Recreation Center

Evergreen, CO - A recent decision banning a menorah display at a key Evergreen community building has sparked a debate over holiday decorations in the small mountain district. From 2005 to 2009, the menorah was displayed in December on the back of the Lake House. But the Evergreen Park & Recreation District decided that the symbol cannot be put up this year.

Some members of Evergreen’s Jewish community aren’t ready to end the debate because a large tree, adjacent to the community’s popular hub, remains adorned with Christmas lights. The colored lights on a tree are not considered by the governing bodies to be religiously affiliated. The argument is further complicated by the arm’s-length relationship between the city and county of Denver — owners of the Lake House since the early 1900s — and the property’s manager, the Evergreen district. Click Here for more.

HT: TheCoolJew.

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every year some were a menorah is in the news, is there no other way to publicize it