Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Forty Flights from Fiveish: Oorah’s Early Bird Raffle

Want to win 5 tickets to Israel? Then listen up, because Oorah is offering an Early Bird Special to donors of $36 or more, a chance to win them every day of Chanukah – that’s up to 40 flights from Fiveish!! To be eligible, enter $36 or more into Oorah’s auction BEFORE the first night of Chanukah and you will automatically be entered to win FIVE tickets to Israel each day of Chanukah! Each year, Oorah offers fabulous prize packages —from jewelry to vacations, and of course, Oorah’s eagerly awaited “weird” prize —for only $5 per ticket, at most (the more tickets you purchase, the less you’ll spend per ticket). Thousands of Jewish kids and their families benefit from the kiruv programs funded by this exciting annual event, which culminates with the broadcasted Oorahthon, scheduled for May 2012. So don’t lose out on even one chance to win FIVE tickets to Israel - Hurry and visit the website NOW at or call 877-7-AUCTION!

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