Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Music From Various Artists Including Purim Songs

Aharon Razel - Mishenichnas Adar

The song is a new and updated version to his first rendition of "Mishenichnas Adar" which he recorded ten years ago. Here it is with new arangements and it has more of a dance feel to it.

Enjoy this small taste of the upcoming Nagila V'nismicha CD which will be in stores shortly! The album is produced by Avi Newmark, features Benny Friedman on vocals with arrangements by Avremi G. The album has 20 creative and hand picked songs sure satisfy every musical palate. The CD also contains two brand new songs composed by Elimelech Blumstein and newcomer Mendy Fisch. The CD is available for pre order now at $13.99 on, the album is being distributed by Aderet Music.
Click Here to Purchase.

Benny Friedman - Nagila V'nismicha

Aderet Music proudly presents Od Yosef Chai Volume 4! This series prides itself on the best quality restoration available. Fans of the first three albums will be further impressed by the advances in restoration in just the last year alone. Od Yosef Chai 3 was so extremely well received, in fact it was written up in the New York Times, Haddasah Magazine and audio reports were done on NPR and CBC. This collection of classic Yosselle recordings will leave you speechless, almost like being there live for the first time.
You can pre order the CD Here.

Od Yosef Chai Volume 4

Well people have been talking and wondering, who are the New York Boys Choir? We got the answer for you right here. The New York Boys Choir under the direction of Yitzy Bald is proud to present their knockout debut album. This is the same Yitzy Bald who brought us hit albums like LeGabay, Pruzbul, Mendy Wald’s first two albums (Sameach & Lechaim) and even stellar hits for both MBD and Avraham Fried and many more. Now Yitzy is making the transition from solo artists to choirs. The only way Yitzy saw that as being possible was for him to direct the choir himself. Hence the NYBC was created. What to expect? As Yitzy says “Let the album speak for itself”. The album features 12 brand new Yitzy Bald compositions that were composed and arranged specifically for this amazing choir. So this Purim its time to welcome the new choir on the block, the New York Boys Choir. The album will be in stores tomorrow and distributed through Nigun. You can order the album on

The New York Boys Choir

Rabbi Moshe Goldman z”l was a man of many worlds – the world of Torah, the world of chassidus, the world of business … and the world of music. It was, in fact, the world of music that touched upon the essence of his lofty neshamah, as he harnessed his koach haneginah to express his passion for Hakadosh Baruch Hu, His Torah, and His children.

In his final year in this olam, weakened by illness, and often wracked with pain, he composed niggunim filled with passion, yearning, and simcha. This album, B’Chol HaOlamos, includes many of those songs. We present it to you, in honor of our father’s first yartzeit.
We chose to name the album “B’Chol HaOlamos”, because our father’s music transcends worlds. Although he is in the Olam Ha’emes, the impact of his niggunim on us in this world is profound. Their influence spans oceans, continents, even generations; as the songs touch upon Jewish hearts everywhere. Many are “velts niggunim” – classic favorites that take their place of honor in our tefillos, at our simchos, at our Shabbos tables, and beyond.

Reb Moshe began composing music when he was just a child. He continued on as a young bachur, and through his final days; composing some 380 niggunim. At the time of his passing, he was in the midst of preparing this album for production. He left behind not only 380 complete niggunim, but also many tenuos – bars of music not yet composed into songs. The tenuos are nothing less than the expression of his heart – wordless tributes to the world inside his neshamah.
To date, 300 of Reb Moshe’s niggunim have been published. This album brings the number to 310 – a significant amount.

310 is the gematriyah of ש“י – and this album is שי עולמות – a gift of worlds. It is truly Reb Moshe’s gift to us, from another World. May it serve as an aliyah to the lofty neshamah of מוה”ר משה צבי ב”ר בנימין ז”ל, as it brings joy to Jewish homes and hearts.
The album is available from Lchaim Music. You can download the album RIGHT NOW or individual tracks by visiting

Camp Shalva #20

The long anticipated follow up to Shalsheles Junior debut album is finally here. You can now hear what this album has to offer. Shalsheles Junior is: Edan Pinchot, Dovid Dachs, CJ Glicksman and Avrumi Schwebel. Each of these mega talented kids is a singer in their own right as they have presented by this past years HASC XXIV show. The album features 10 compositions 9 of which are from Yitzchok Rosenthal. The new generation of Juniors is under the direction of the multi-talented Shloime Kaufman. Music arranged by Ron Tichon, with a additions track arranged by Aryeh Kunstler, Ruli Ezrachi and Ian Freitor. If you loved Shalsheles Junior 1 then you better prepare yourself for Shalsheles Junior 2. Click Here to Purchase.

Shalsheles Junior 2

Words written by Aaron, Aaron Benhamou, sings a song from his latest album - Haazina.
to purchase his latest music, go to:

“Ad D’lo Yoda”, 30 minutes of free flawless Jewish music.

Thanks to The Freilach Band; Mendy Hershkowitz, Avrumi Schreiber & Nachman Dryer. All the singers; Yoely Greenfeld, Levy Falkowitz, Yumi Lowy, Chilu Posen, Michoel Schnitzler, Shloime Taussig, Beri Weber & Yisroel Werdyger. The Zemiros Choir: Yoel Polatseck, Yoel Friedrich, Avrumi Holczler, Mordechai Berkowitz and Usher Roth.

Click on the Image To Download Music
Click on the Image To Download Music

Chony Milecki released the first in a series of medleys that he put together as a community service. People always call him for music to use at their parties and so he figured Purim would be a great time to release some great Chabad dance music. Chony plans to follow this up with many more medleys including trance, horra, sefardi and freilach sets.
Chony Milecki Ph: (347) 439 8493

Chabad Rock

Yerachmiel Ziegler with a all NEW Single “Shoshanas Yakov."
Here is a BRAND NEW single from the ultra talented Yerachmiel Ziegler. The song “Shoshanas Yakov” was written and arranged by Yerachmeil . For more on Yerachmeil please visit or or

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