Monday, December 06, 2010

TV Broadcasters Discuss Rabbi

Miami Heat TV Broadcasters Eric Reed and Tony Fiorentino discuss Jewish Heritage Night & Rabbi Pinny’s Pre game Blessing.

Miami Heat's Jewish Heritage Night received special mention from TV broadcasters Eric Reed and Tony Fiorentino.
As the game was winding down in the 4th quarter, Reed informed the fans watching at home that it was Jewish Heritage Night and beautiful to see the many thousands of fans sporting the heritage t-shirts.

Reed explained that before the game he asked Rabbi Pinny Andrusier a Chabad Shliach in Florida for a blessing for the Heat and received his very own t-shirt. So Fiorentino quips, "You took the shirt and not the blessing?" To which Reed responded, "Coach, the Heat are up by over 30 points, of course I got the blessing! And it's working!"
Rabbi Pinny's also receives a compliment for his incredible weight loss of over 100lbs.


Below is a transcript:

Eric Reed: We should also mention again tonight is Jewish Heritage Night at the American Airlines Arena. A few thousand fans sporting their Jewish Heritage t-shirts including the famous Rabbi Pinny of Cooper City who asked for a shout out in exchange for a pre game blessing. I thought it was en even trade off.
Tony Fiorentino: I didn’t get a t-shirt.
E R: I asked for a blessing, I ended up with a t-shirt.
T F: You didn’t get the blessing?
E R: Coach! The Heat are up 91-59. We got our blessing, all right!
T F: Ok! You got your blessing.
E R: Rabbi Pinny, I know him from when I lived in Cooper City, about 100 pounds lighter then when I knew him. He looks good!
T F: There you go! His blessings are working.
E R: It’s been that kind of relaxing night for Miami. They’re headed towards their 11th win and this one, a 30 point game

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