Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mendy Pellin Mendy Pellin is a 28-year-old Hassidic comedian and actor who has transformed the face of Jewish entertainment.

Pellin was born in an ultra-orthodox Jewish home in Brooklyn, NY. His natural gift for acting became apparent when, at age 7, he was drafted into the local Jewish puppet theater. At age 16, his original traveling act How the Grichberg Stole Chanukah garnered national acclaim as it was viewed by audiences across the country.

After battling initial criticism for his outlandish antics -- he was filmed "showering," fully clothed, in a public fountain in Ukraine, and later marching down a catwalk sporting his trademark beard and full Hassidic garb at the Brooklyn's Best Festival -- Pellin went on to win over the hearts of thousands of loyal fans in his community and beyond. While juggling his entertainment career, he found time to attend yeshiva and became an ordained Rabbi at age 21. More recently, he hosted The Mendy Report, a satirical online Stephen-Cobert-style news show.

He currently lives with his wife Shulamis and two children in Los Angeles, where he operates his production company. He often partners with other celebrities, recently with Larry King, Martin Sheen and many others, to benefit a wide array of philanthropic causes about which he is passionate.

Mendy Pellin stars with Brad Pitt in the upcoming film Moneyball scheduled for release next year.

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he's not even mentioned in the "full cast and crew" on imdb
I Wouldn't exactly call that 'starring'