Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reb Itzik'l Pshevorsk of Antwerp in 1964

Reb Itzik'l from Pshevorsk of Antwerp at a Hachnosas Sefer Torah in 5724/1964.

Rav Moshe Yitzchak, was a son of Rabbi Naftoli Elimelech, son of Rabbi Avrohom of Gorlice, who was a son of the Rebbe Reb Mylech of Lizhensk. After his marriage he settled in Przeworsk, Poland. He survived the Holocaust and moved to Paris. In 1956 he settled in Antwerp, where he lived until he passed away on Yom Kippur in 5737/1976. His son-in-law Rebbe Yaakov Leiser succeeded him. Rebbe Yaakov served as Pshevorsker Rebbe until 1998, when he died and was succeeded by his son Leibish Leiser, the current Rebber of Pshevorsk.

Reb Yankele and Reb Itzik'l are buried in Putte, in the Netherlands, because a Belgian law makes it possible to reuse or build on top of gravesites. As such, the Jews of Antwerp have traditionally been buried in Putte, where the sanctity of gravesites is assured.

This Thursday the great grandson of Reb Itzik'l will be getting married in Williamsburg, NY.

Reb Itzik'l at the 0:10 walking inbetween chasidim through the 0:27 mark. At 1:28 you see him through the window (now wearing a shtreimel), while all the children look on. At 2:53 you see him from the back and at 3:18 coming down the stairs of the Ahron Kodesh.

It seems during concluding the writing of the Sefer Torah everyone's dressed in weekday clothing. It is only after they walk to the shul to do the celebrations and Hakofos etc. that everyone is seen wearing Shtreimels.


Anonymous said...

wow! this is old historical footage, never saw this before

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable footage my grandfather who I never saw is on it clearly is it possibble to get a copy from this clip my father is from antwerp and he know s a big oilem from the clip please contact me at it would be greatly appreciated