Monday, November 29, 2010

New Song ~ Refuah - Yaakov Shwekey with Boruch Levine

Yaakov Shwekey with Boruch Levine in Caesaria, Israel. Singing a brand new song composed by Boruch Levine for the concert. Off of the new Yaakov Shwekey in Caesarea 2 DVD.

Concert was held last year in Caesarea, Israel. Joined by a 50 piece symphony orchestra conducted by Yochi Briskman, as well as a children and adult choir of over 200 souls.

Featuring special guest performances by Boruch Levin, Chazan Helfgot, Chaim Yisrael and the Shapiro brother of Acheinu. Click Here for a Preview of the DVD. Click Here to Purchase.


Anonymous said...

stunning song !!

Anonymous said...

This song goes into the depths of my heart... Its so meaningful! Shwekey keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Amazing song! Yaakov Shwekey making miracles again!!