Thursday, October 07, 2010

Oldie of the Week ~ Kad Yasvin - 1969

Presenting Old Jewish Musical Jewels (O.J.M.J) which because of their age are not very well known to the younger generation.

The song will first be posted here on the main page and remain for approximately a week (we try) on the right column above the three featured videos of the week.

The ninth song in this series features the song "Kad Yasvin" from the album "Cantor David Werdyger sings Melodies of Camp Kol-Ree-Nah" accompanied by the orchestra and the camp choir. Musical director, Yaakov Goldstein. The album was released in 1969.

Soloists are, Mordechi Werdyger AKA MBD (pictured left, early 1970's), his brother child soloist Mendy Werdyger and their father David Werdyger, Tzum Langer Yuhren.

Popular belief is that these words are from the Zohar and the Tune is from the Chazon Ish.

In the words written on the album cover:

"Words of the Zohar Hakodosh set to the music by the sainted Chazon Ish, who fittingly portrayed its deep meaning."

However I've heard that many have failed to find these exact words written  in the Zohar. Some are adamant that it is in the Zohar, perhaps in the Hahsmatos, while others says only its concept is form the Zohar (זהר במדבר דף קיח ע"א).

Also regarding the composition of the song, some say that it actually was not composed by the Chazon Ish himself but rather by someone else and the Chazon Ish liked it very much so it became known as his song. Similar to some Negunim of Rebbes.

They sang this song at the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Farbrengen in Tishrei, (i think Simchas Torah) 5722 (1961) and i heard from someone who was there that the Rebbe was very serious and Fardveikut.

כד יתבון ישראל ועוסקין בשמחת התורה
קודשא ברוך הוא אומר לפמליא דיליה
חזו בני חביבי
דמשתכחין בצערא דילהון ועוסקין בחדותא דילי
[Zohar Hakodosh (see above)]

English Translation:
When the Jewish people immerse themselves in the joy of stydying Torah , the the Holy One Blessed is He, Says to all His heavenly hosts: Look! look at at my beloved children as they forget their own sufferings and immerse themselvs in my loving Torah.

Composed by: The Chazon Ish (see above).
Soloist: Mordechai Ben David, (Child Soloist) Mendy Werdyger and Reb David Werdyger, (Pictured above right, mid 1970's).


Anonymous said...

song was composed by reb mayer shapiro

Anonymous said...

No there is no source that R' Meyer Shapiro wrote this.
Some says it's from the Gaon or his entourage, but there is no formal evidence.
Also it is not clear if the 'Hazon Ish used this specific melody or an other one.
The composition is based on Zohar Vayikra (22.1)

Akiva I.

Anonymous said...

the mishpacha magazine recently had an article trying to identify the origin from this song