Wednesday, October 06, 2010

MBD Fail

The King of Jewish music, Mordechai Ben David, attempts to imitate his fellow super star Avraham Fried at a December concert in 1985. I think this should explain why Mordechai didn't imitate Avremel on HASC 5 when they did the Memory Lane medley!

I don't think Avremel would do any better if he tried imitating MBD, but it seems he at least knew better!


angry said...

i think that your really stupid and dont know anything about music because
1: he does a great job and i would like to see you try (it would probably sound like a frog)
2: memory lane was on hasc 5
3: MBD never copied him in hasc 5 because he wasn't part of memory lane which was the history of jewish music until then which a.f wasnt part of
4:he is not MBD's fellow superstar and definitely wasnt then
5:how does it seem that a.f knew better, because nobody offered him a chance to copy MBD.
so get your facts right and then start posting slander about the KING OF JEWISH MUSIC!!!

Lucky Wolf said...

Mr Angry,

Please watch the bottom video here

Anonymous said...

i agree with gruntig, MBD tries to imitate Fried but ends up sounding like MBD. maybe that's because A Fried sings like MBD to begin with.