Friday, October 29, 2010

Kosherfest 2010 Kosher Food Expo

SECAUCUS, NJ-- JTA returns to Kosherfest, the Kosher food expo and trade show. In addition to a trend in health food promotion, Kosherfest 2010 featured several new products, including Hummus in a bottle and a kosher hemp bagel. (Adam Soclof and Uri Fintzy)


Anonymous said...

When I eat Kosher foods, beyond many of the new products being introduced at KOSHERFEST---I think about the history, customs, and tradition while I am "experiencing" many Kosher foods. For example, Gold Pure Food Products, Inc., has lasted for 78 years and five generations so far! They manufacture the wonderful little jar of horseradish (regular, sweet, hot) which first began in the humble kitchen of a walk-up apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn. These stories are often part of the beauty of consumming Kosher foods.

Sara said...

This is sooo cool!