Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Introducing New Jewish Children’s Website www.TorahTreasure.com

TorahTreasure.com is a new portal for Jewish education and entertainment. Unlike commercial sites that push products, www.TorahTreasure.com presents all the best Jewish videos for children in one site.  There is no need to scroll through a number of sites searching for individual videos.  Instead, everything has been collected and arranged, and parents can easily play playlists with multiple videos. New videos will also be added on a regular basis.

The idea behind www.TorahTreasure.com is to have one go-to place for all kosher entertainment and learning for children.  Everyone knows of the power of the Internet to keep children mesmerized. We’re hoping to use that power to educate Jewish children, promote Jewish values, and strengthen Yiddishkeit among families and communities around the world.  While the site currently features dozens of videos, including Uncle Moishe and Dr. Middos, the long term plan is to add games, coloring pages, story time, and many other activities.

To learn more, visit www.TorahTreasure.com

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