Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Video Shot by Israeli of Bobov Hakufos on Simchas Torah

The Bobover Rebbe Shlita (48 St) dancing Hakofos on Simchas Torahin in the Bobover Shul on 48th St in Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY. Video was recorded by an Israeli, for whom it was not Yom Tov.

Video of the Previous Bobover Rebbe Rav Naftuli on Simchas Torah, Recorded i assume by an Israeli.


Anonymous said...

Should NOT be played. It was a Issurr gomur for an Israeli to do a melocha (take video) on 2nd Yom Tov - not even allowed to do it in his private dwelling.
Should be taken down.

Anonymous said...

I agree and was just going to write that. yasher koach.

Anonymous said...

check up in mishne berura, you are not aloud to do a meelacha on 2nd day yom tov, even if you are an israeli.
i think its simen tzadik daled (84)

Bobov said...

thanks so much for showing me this nice video of hakufos in bobov , it made me feel as im there, and to those who say its not aloud it was doen betzina its aloud, video was hidden in a israelis hat.
there is also a video of satmar ruvs hakufos, here you go: