Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Shlomo Simcha at Chazak 14 Concert

The Moses & Aaron Foundation presents CHAZAK 14. Starring Shlomo Simcha, Dovid Gabay debuting songs from his new album, and featuring the debut of Yumi Lowy.
Music by All Star Band, conducted by Steve Bill. Motzei Shabbos Nachamu, July 24, 2010. At the Sullivan County Community College Field House, Loch Sheldrake, NY.

The Moses and Aaron Foundation serves as a catalyst for all organizations who help Special and Outstanding children, and seeks to assist children from all walks of life reach their potential, with particular emphasis on these children, who, for reasons beyond their control are unable to do so. the Foundation has had a profound effect on the lives of thousands of children and their families.

Carlebach's Kesser

Singing Rabbi Twersky's Im Eshkochech

Shlomo Simcha and Yumi Lowy singing Piha Poschah.

Shlomo Simcha and Yumi Lowy singing Carlebach's Moshe V'Ahron.

Shlomo Simcha and Yumi Lowy singing

Opening with the new Omar Rabi Akiva.

Yonatan Razel's Vehi Sheamda.

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