Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shlomo Carlebach Erev Yom Kippur 1971

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eli said...

big message i wanted to impart

after research i recieved in my email from a forum a record lost to oblivion called bnai vaischa 1967

singing the compositions of eliyahu hartman on one side of the record is shlomo katz a graduate of the famed musical school of vienna some of the great tunes we sing in judaism come from this place adon olam bentching etc

but better is 6 songs sung by shlomo carlebach haunting unique and ancient and stirring

if you feel the need to be in touch let me know

i found on a random day of searching a auction on ebay that that day was about to close mamesh gevald

a full record of full music never reintroduced and lost called WAKE UP World 1965

with the original shifchi kamayim all with full orchestral arrangements

now i was going to pay to have the LP or Record translated to modern technology but i was told by email that this album wake up world will come out next month please g-d

if you know about this let me know soo i can save myself money going to a place to record the record through machinery

a gutte gebentched yuhr