Sunday, September 05, 2010

Shloime Daskal & The Shira Choir at a Chupa with Aaron Teitelbaum Productions

This magnificent clip features a truly distinctive Chupa that was performed in the New York Hilton, inspiring hundreds of guests with a beautiful and unique musical demonstration. This stirring Chupa was produced by Aaron Teitelbaum. Yisroel Lamm conducts the orchestra, while Shlomo Daskal and Shira Choir string together beautiful harmonies, presenting an exquisite masterpiece.

Ausust 1, 2010, at the New York Hilton,


Anonymous said...

very very emotional

AJA said...

wow hartzig

Anonymous said...

Lamm is the one that creates the music, arranges it...he should take the credit, not teitelbum.

Unknown said...

Hi, this was my wedding! I'd like to thank the majority for the positive feedback! I'h everyone should have only simchas beautiful and gezunt.
I would personally like to thank Aron teitelbaum, yisroel lamb, eli Cohen, yaron gershovsky and all the other musicians, shloime daskal,Shira choir!!
To those who commented that Aron teitelbaum is unneeded ,obviously never planned on having a beautiful wedding. Yisroel lamb IS a great conductor, unbelievable as a matter of fact. but him and Aron are onnthe same page with everything. while yisroel lamb is conducting there is still much much more work ro be done, putting the right musicians together, the right songs, at the right times wit the right singers. Coordinating with the caterer and photographer.original and Creative ideas and and most of all the comfort of knowing someone organized and efficient is running things to let u know its under controll. Aron takes care of all that and more beyond anything you can imagine. Immsure if you asked yisroel lamb he would agree that aron deserves plenty of me no one speaks higher of yisroel than aron himself! (if it makes you happy they both deserve credit) but i know personally that nothing happens in such a special and memorable way as when Aron teitelbaum does it!! Thank you everyone . A chasmal vichasima tova!!!!!

Not True said...

Learn how to spell Lamm and not turn him into a goat, (or a Lamb). Secondly, nothing that you mention is apparent from this clip. Maybe he's a nice guy, but he did nothing that is noticeable in this clip, besides the editing afterwards