Friday, August 13, 2010

View From Balloon Camera 80,000 Feet Above Earth

From the author: "We are a group of engineers/designers from San Francisco. This was our second balloon launch on June 5, 2010. Shot with 2 HD Hero cameras from GoPro. Launched from the California coast near Davenport, landed in Crows Landing 70 miles away. Peak altitude 80,000 feet. Acquired GPS, pressure, accelerometer, and temperature data with a Shadowbox ( The payload was tracked with a SPOT satellite personal tracker.

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Brandi Bamburg said...

Just wanted to let you guys know your video is pretty awesome! Somehow the subject came up with my husband, my 7yr old son & I about if you're high enough you can see the earth curve. My husband then said if you're high enough, probably 80,000ft you could see space. Me, being the silly airhead I can be sometimes, couldn't picture what I would actually see that high. So, I googled "view of earth from 80,000" and your video came up. We watched it and it answered my question and more. Amazing view guys! Good job!