Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video of Reported Fire in Monsey

Condo Fire Destroys Apartment, 28 Families Displaced

From the author: "August 16, 10 - Video of the fire in Blueberry Hills, Monsey NY. The fire actually got bigger then this. A lot bigger. My camera just ran out of battery. There is no roof on that building and there are more then 13 damaged apartments. Everyone's fine though thank god, except for one police officer who was taken to the hospital because of the smoke.

Update - They are now reporting that over 25 families lost their homes in the fire. One police officer and one firefighter were hospitalized due to the smoke.
We are still not sure what started the fire, but the rumor is that something on the stove caught on fire. We know that the man who lives in that apartment was sent to the hospital at around 4:00PM, and the fire started at around 5:20PM. We (the neighborhood/apartment complex) think that he may have left something on the stove while he was sent to the hospital and it caught on fire. No conformation on if that's true or not yet".

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