Thursday, August 26, 2010

MBD Sings Just One Shabbos ~ 1983

Mordechai Ben David sings "Just One Shabbos" in the year 1983. Chicago, IL.

HT: JewishMusicPlus


Anonymous said...

this is a vhs i have in keeping the whole concert of avraham fried in philharmonic orchestra

i was told the file would be out of sync if i tried to over dubb it with the audio CD

what do you answer

im bringing up this question becuase it would seem the audio is pretty clear here with the sound

Lucky Wolf said...

Email me at Gruntig@gmail.

the audio here i believe is from the video camera.

Wasn't there a professional video released of that concert? why would you wanna work hard on your own one?

Anonymous said...

mbd what a king