Tuesday, June 01, 2010

NY Mets Broadcasters Discuss Mets Yarmulke

NY Mets television broadcasters Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez discuss the "Mets Yarmulke" after Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen was seen wearing one in the dugout. Hernandez asked what Cohen though about it, Cohen who is Jewish said he was surprised.

The pitching coach reportedly  explained that the Mets Jewish first baseman Ike Davis had received Mets yarmulkes from a Rabbi, and gave one to Warthen.

That "Rabbi" was a Lubavitcher Bochur who got in touch with the Jewish first baseman through the Mets 3rd base coach Chip Hale. Chip Hale whose wife is Jewish, is a family friend with the Bochur's family who are Chabad Shluchim out in the West.

The Yarmulke was purchased at Judaica World in Crown Heights.

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NY Mets television broadcasters, Gary Cohen and Kieth Hernandez discuss the "Mets Yarmulke" after Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen was seen wearing one in the dugout.  Hernandez asked what Cohen though about that. Cohen who is Jewish said he was surprised.

The flowing is a transcript of their discussion:

Hernandez: Was that a Met yamulke right there? Cohen: That’s exactly what that looked like. Hernandez: How about that. Cohen [apparently unaware of Warthen's chosen personhood]: It’s a bit of a surprise. Hernandez: Well, it’s Sunday. [Painfully awkward pause follows.] Cohen: Yeah? Hernandez: Did you, did you go to temple today? Cohen: Not on Sunday, Keith. Saturday. Hernandez: Oh! Excuse me, I’ve got it wrong, don’t I. I’ve gotta get my facts straight. Cohen [cracking up]: We’ll have the course in comparative religion right after the game. Hernandez: No no no, we don’t have to. I had my catechism when I was young, please.

ESPN reported "Yes, that was Dan Warthen spotted wearing a yarmulke in the dugout when he removed his Mets cap during Sunday’s game. The pitching coach explained that (Mets first baseman) Ike Davis had received Mets yarmulkes from a rabbi, and gave one to Warthen. Warthen, who is Jewish, forgot he had it on when he placed his cap on and went out for the game, he indicated. “I wear them all the time. That’s why I have that little bald spot,” quipped Warthen, who attends temple. Davis’ mother, incidentally, was raised Jewish but is not practicing. The first baseman has only been to a temple once in his life, by his recollection."

The NjJewishNews.com also reported on the story:

"Warthen himslef is not Jewish, his wife is, according to Jay Horwitz, the Mets’ vice president of media relation. In an effort to clear things up, I had called the Mets office yesterday. Evidently, in these days of politically correctness carried to the Nth degree, the Mets were a bit worried about the impressions this might make, which might explain why Horwitz himself called, rather than assign it to one of his staffers at best, or ignore it at worst. It seems a few Mets kipot were passed along from Mets third base coach Chip Hale (whose wife is Jewish) to Ike Davis as a present from a Rabbi and Warthen was simply trying one on. “He took one, he put it under his hat to wear it for awhile and he didn’t realize that he still had it on when he took his hat off. That’s what it was,” said Horwitz, who sounded like this was just another dumb issue he had to deal with. “It was caught on camera and some people thought it was wrong. I just wanted to clear it up. There was nothing mocking, making fun, or whatever.”

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A Cohain (Cohen) should have known that there are three services on Sunday. Shacaris, Mincha, and Maariv. I am saying Kaddish. I went to all three.