Friday, June 25, 2010

Do You Recognize This Song?

"Close Every Door" is a song from the musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" by English lyricist, and author Tim Rice and English composer of musical theater Andrew Lloyd Webber. The show was first presented at a middle school for boys in London in 1968.It is the penultimate song of the first act of the musical, sung by Joseph while imprisoned for his supposed relationship with Potiphar's wife.

In addition to voicing Joseph's despair at being jailed for a crime he did not commit, the song appears to contain oblique references to the Jewish Holocaust of World War II. Lyrics such as "Just give me a number/Instead of my name ... Destroy me completely/Then throw me away" reflect the well-documented Nazi practices of tattooing numbers on imprisoned Jews and working them to death (or gassing them) in concentration camps, then burning the bodies or burying them in mass graves.

Click Here for to see the original of another MBD song.


Anonymous said...

"Lichtiger Shabbos" from Just One Shabbos (& Yiddish Collection)

Anonymous said...

What about this one?

Shimmy Messing said...

A.K.A. Pella did an amazing version of this to the words Menucha V'simcha on their album Premium Blend

Dovid Lieberman said...

There's another MBD song which I absolutley LOVE, but I've been told that it's also a goyshe song. The song is the Ivrit song, Kochavim.

Ages ago, somebody sent me a youtube link to the original version, but I've lost it. Does anybody know what the song was?

Helpful said...

Yes here it is