Sunday, June 27, 2010

Avraham Fried at 13 ~ Last Solo as a Child

In 1972, Avraham Fried, as a boy of 13, recorded the last solo of his childhood in the studio of Reb Eli Teitelbaum. Reb Eli who previously recorded a solo form Avremel  for the song "Vinikeisi" for his Sdei Chemed albums,  had arranged for Avremel to sing on the song "Hakshiva" composed by Moshe Helleman, for the fourth album of his Pirchei Agudah Boys Choir, titled "Al Chomosayich" .

This video begins with a recent interview Avremel did with Yossi Zweig for VinNews where he discussed this solo.

The video ends 25 years later, with Avremel singing the high part of the song at the first Ohel concert in 1997. Standing beside him is MBD who does the harmony and Moshe Hellman who composed the song.

MBD also recorded this song in 1990 for his "Double Album.".

Pictured left is Meir Sherman who does the short harmony on the Pirchei version.

A Gruntig Exclusive!

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