Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oldie of the Week ~ Meditation - 1980 ~ Introducing for the First Time Avraham Fried

Presenting old Jewish Musical jewels which due to their age are not very well known to the modern generation.

The song will first be posted here on the main page and remain for the week on the right column above the three featured videos of the week.

The second song in this series features the song "A Moment of Mediation" off of the album "Amudai Shaish Orchestra - Their First Wedding Album" Arranged and conduced by Shelly Gordon, produced and directed by Sheya Mendlowitz and released in 1980.

This song was the first solo Avraham Fried recorded in his adult career.

The following is from the Record cover:

"A Moment of Meditation, this song composed, arranged and conducted and played by Suki Berry, one of the leading arrangers of today. Suki brought out the feeling and emotions of this song by his beautiful arrangement. Thanks Suki (we all appreciate it.)"

Lyrics: (ארוכה מארץ מדה ורחבה מני ים. אם יחלוף ויסגיר ויקהיל ומי ישבנו. (איוב פרק י"א ט - י

Composed Suki Berry.
Sung by: Avraham Fried and either Yossi Rosenberg or Shloime Reich.

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Mitch said...

Its not Yossi Rosenberg on this song, i know for a fact it is Shloime Reich. Thanks for posting a classic