Sunday, May 16, 2010

14 Videos of The Lipa Album Premier Concert

Click below this video on the link on the left to view many videos of Lipa Schmeltzer's performance at the Album Premier concert last Thursday nigh May 13, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY.

Hora Yes, Loshon Hora No

Click Below For Many More Videos

Singing M'Imkah Deliba with Yisroel Lamm Conducting.

It's Gona Be a Splash.

Singing Chaim.

Mi Chochom With A Video Of Berry Weber

Singing Melech.

Mizmor Ledovid

Ayeih, Composed by MBD. Includes Video of MBD prior to song.

Yossi Green Interviewed Onstage By Country Yossi And Lipa.

Michoel Schnitzler Interviewed Onstage By Lipa and Country Yossi

The Language of Music.

Vos Tut Deer Viy.

The Finale At The Millenium Theater Lipa Sings Acharon Acharon Chaviv.

The "Fans" leaving after the concert.

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