Thursday, April 29, 2010

Please Daven for Sholom Mordechai Halevi Ben Rivkah

CBS 2 sits with Mrs. Leah Rubashkin, wife of Reb Sholom M. prior to his sentencing on  beginning tomorrow, Wednesday and the day after, Heshem Yishmirenu.

There have been massive crowd attending Kinnusim all over the world  for R' Sholom Mordechai  the night before his sentencing giving encoureagment and pleading with HKB"H for a yeshua.

Below is a video from a Kinnus in Brooklyn at Agudah of Ave L. Speaker is Rav Moshe Tuvia Leif, Morah D'asra.

Video by Hillel Engel for YWN. April 27, 2010.

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The night before his sentencing at Agudah of Ave L.
Tehillim by Rav Shlomo Mandel, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva Of Brooklyn

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