Friday, April 09, 2010

Name of New Lipa Album "מעומקא דליפא" caught Lipa at 2 in the morning on his way out of the Spectrasonic Studio in Williamsburg where he is busily working on his new CD which he says will imh be released May 16th. In the video Lipa releases for the first time ever in public that his new CD title will be מעומקא דליפא . The name is a pun of the hebrew expression מעומקא דליבא, which is a term commonly used to sign letters saying from the depth of my heart. Now Lipas fan will soon get to experience an album translated as from the depths of Lipa.


V.Gelb said...

Lipa don't play with us ! sing something ! 1 song

Anonymous said...

Lipa you are always from the heart

Anonymous said...

== LIPA ==
Please,Sing One Song From The New Album, LIPA!!!!!!