Friday, January 01, 2010

Soul Art: The Illuminations Of Rabbi Yonah Weinrib

Judaica Illuminations is proud to present the magnum opus of Rabbi Yonah Weinrib - a Limited Edition facsimile of The Illuminated Torah. The Tessler Collection/ The Rennert Edition is a historic artistic endeavor which expands the horizons of creative design and takes art and calligraphy to a new level. Students and scholars alike will be enriched by its teachings, as the vibrant palette of midrash and aggadah graces each volume.


Lucky Wolf said...

BTW i Believe Rabbi Yonah Weinrib is the composer of the very popular and beautiful "vehareinu Hashem b'nechomas Tzion"

Anonymous said...

“The Illuminated Torah”
The Tessler Collection/ The Rennert Edition of “The Illuminated Torah” is one of the spectacular pieces which aroused high interest among many collectors of “Art Chazin”, with the guidance and the direction of the artist and designer, Avraham Chazin, who is the only producer of all artistic painting of the Tora that illustrates the history and culture of the Jewish nation and the beautiful world of Torah.