Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tefilin Boy Calev Liebowitz and his Sister Speak Out for First Time

17 Year old, MTA Yeshiva University High School for Boys student, Calev Liebowitz who was taken off a Kentucky bound plane and put in handcuffs for wearing Tefillin during the flight and his 16 year old sister also handcuffed by Federal agents shared the details of their ordeal on TALKLINE WITH ZEV BRENNER, on Motzi Shabbas January 24th at 12:00 AM midnight on WMCA 570 AM and online at

The teenagers' parents, Glen and Amy Liebowitz, in a Talkline exclusive, also spoke with Zev regarding their reactions to their children being cuffed on their recent flight to Louisville KY  where they're visiting their Grandmother.

Calev Liebowitz and his sister Dalia talk with Zev Brenner.

Parents of Calev & Dalia talk with Zev Brenner.

Text & Photo by VIN.


Batya said...

This must have been horrible.
There must have been a way for the crew to check with ground security to ascertain that Tfillin are safe and legitimate. The fact that they didn't is worrisome.

But I must admit, that as someone who never saw Tfillin when growing up, it can look peculiar.

Do they make the Muslim women in veils/burkas etc strip?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

This explains the new EL-AL tefillin ad.