Friday, December 18, 2009

Lipa at YU Concert Sings "I Gotta Feeling"

On the seventh night of Chanuka 5770, a concert took place at Yeshiva University staring Yehuda Green, Lipa, and Ohad. Held in the Lamport Auditorium at Yeshiva University in NYC the show featured many of the most popular songs from the above singers.

In the video below Lipa Schmeltzer sings "I Gotta Feeling".

Filmed by: The Cool Jew.


Anonymous said...

Lipa, we love you. You are really a geshmake guy, but please get a Mashpia!

Anonymous said...

Go Black Eyed Peas!

Anonymous said...

I thought Lipa doesn't sing in front of MIXED crowds?

sim said...

What a pity he almost had ppl forget that he sang non Jewish songs, and here he goes!