Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'5 Minute ' Bill by Simcha Felder expected to Pass & Override mayor's Veto

Responding to many New Yorkers frustration with parking tickets being issued so close to the time that a parking violation occurs, the Council will vote to create a five minute grace period for New Yorkers who violate metered or alternate side parking restrictions. In FY 2008, the City issued close to 10 million parking tickets; of these tickets, 28,000 were issued at the exact moment that alternate side parking restrictions went into effect and 276,000 were issued within five minutes of alternate side parking going into effect. To address these types of infractions, the City used to have an informal grace period policy but this policy was subsequently eliminated. This legislation would take effect 90 days after being signed into law.

Click below for another video where Simcha Felder discusses the bill.
Council Member Simcha Felder discusses the '5 minute grace' bill.

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