Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shua Kessin with

Shua Kessin meet up with Yosef Shidler From in Crown Heights to discuss his new album Lo Lihityaeish. Shua talks about how he got started and all with his music and his connection with breslov and Shlomo Carlebach! At the end of the video he takes a tour though 770!


kessin sucks said...
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Anonymous said...

What an arrogant self-absorbed prick! I hope his album tanks!

Anonymous said...

this guy actually is finally normal unlike these other shmucks that sing
i mean he talks about how nothing is in his hand and its up to hashem....
keep on rockin Shua
thanks for your honesty

Kessin is the real deal said...

yeah you said it right
kessin is straight up and honest about him and his music
which btw is awesome and beyond words
from the music to voice to the art
Kessin rocks
love to hear more
and all u jealous frieks grow up