Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Mir Yeshiva Winter Zman 5770

The Mir Yeshiva WINTER 5770.


Anonymous said...

Now, why can't lubavitch yeshvos be more like that? every bochur is tucked it, not walking around the room with their shirt hanging out in all directions???

Dov said...

is that really your problem is life, that some Lubavitcher bochurem untuck their shirts? give me a break!

Anonymous said...

i dont have an issue with them having their shirts untucked when they are sitting in Zal learning, but when they go out on the street and go on mvtzoim, why can't they tuck their shirts in? I am a lubavitch buchur and my shirt is always tucked in and I always look presentable. (Btw, the above question was asked to me by a person on my mivtzoim route. why can't they tuck themselves in when they are on the street??)
Or, on shabbos they come to zal with a creased shirt, untucked looking like a shloch?? why???? where is the derech eretz?