Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Matisyahu One on One

Matisyahu doesn't look or act like your typical reggae musician, and needless to say, he's probably been thrown some interesting interview questions in the past. In the following clip, however, he's pitted against his toughest interviewer yet -- himself. Watch as the Hasidic reggae star takes questions from his ignoramus alter ego about Twitter, graphic lyrics and, of course, his beard. If this all doesn't seem bizarre enough, consider that that it all takes place on a beach (of sorts). Have a look after the jump

HT: TCJ.com

Click below for another (real) interview with Matisyahu.
Matisyahu sat down with Baeble to eloquently discuss the roots of his latest album Light, the people and places that ultimately had a say in its' outcome, as well as some of the influences, inspirations, and motivations that guide him to this day.

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