Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Young Chazan Pinchus Waldman Sings Eilu Devorim

Young Chazan Pinchus Waldman Sings Eilu Devorim at the Noe Bar Mitzvah last week, in Williamsburg.

Although he is no Simcha Levenstein, he does have a lot of potential. Just needs a little coaching. Not to mention he looks pretty cute in that costume.


Anonymous said...

cute ! how old ?

all Gruntig readers said...

Mr. Gruntig, I think i speak on behalf of 100% of readers when i say that the poll on the right side of the page is due for an update. it has been there for a while now-a few months in fact.
also, what does Gruntig mean?

yolyboy said...

from where is that song ?

Anonymous said...

its originaly by Chazzan Mordechai Hershman

Anonymous said...


Lucky Wolf said...

To Mr. all Gruntig readers,

I never knew all Gruntig readers have a spokes person. that is very inspiring.

as far as your request for an update on the poll, i did just update it. I hope that satisfies you.

Gruntig is a yiddish word. Check out Google translate in Yiddish for further details.

Good night.

Anonymous said...

he is great, he is amazing