Monday, September 07, 2009

Lose Weight with Chabad!

KTLA: Dancing Rabbi's Take Over Morning Show
Rabbi Yossi Cunin is hoping to set a record for the longest televised Chasidic dance at the 6 hour-long Chabad Telethon. "I've been running and cycling to get my heart rate up," he told KTLA 5 Morning news in Los Angeles.



Anonymous said...

2 Dancing Rabbis the rest are bochrim that should be learning

Anonymous said...

Chabad You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is not "People Helping People" this is exploiting bochurim!!!!!

Daniel said...

I know 2 of the brothers on the right who were w/ me in the ba'al teshuva yeshiva in Israel "Mayanot" and they are on break (Is taking time off College bad? :) and are just trying to do a kiddush Hashem. Dont be too quick to judge, especially at this time of yr...:)